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Have you just arrived in Schaerbeek?

Municipal services

  • Service Etat-civil (Actes, Naissance, Décès, Nationalité)
    Address: Place Colignon \ Colignonplein
    Phone: 02/244.70.18 (actes/naissances) ; 02/244.70.20 (décès) ; 02/244.70.26 (nationalités) ; 02/244.70.22 (mariages)

First of all, welcome to Schaerbeek!

There is a set of procedures which concern you directly upon your arrival in the commune:

If you are moving house:
You can reserve parking spaces in front of your new home on the day of your move.

To do if you are a Belgian citizen:

Change your address: this is the only step you are obliged to take. You do not have to obtain a new identity card. This must simply be changed.
After you have moved in: for an overview of the procedures you can or must complete or for services you can take advantage of as an inhabitant of the commune, please go to the "Living in Schaerbeek" and "Culture and Leisure" sections.

To do if you are a foreign national:
- First of all, you must register with the commune and change your address.
- After you move in: all the procedures specific to your status as a foreign national are given in the "Living in Schaerbeek" and "Culture and Leisure" sections.

Are you a European citizen?
Take a look at the Brussels-Europe Liaison Office's (FR)  site.

Are you an immigrant?
You can contact the Immigrant Mediation department of Schaerbeek commune.
Take a look at the site too.

 When you come to the town hall, remember to ask for your A-to-Z at reception.

Last update: 07/03/2012

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