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Is this your first visit to the site? You can't find the information you need? Follow the guide...

A practical and comprehensive site


Read through the three main sections of the site to find out about life in the commune:

  • living,
  • relaxing,
  • training and working.



Discover a section entirely dedicated to administrative procedures to save you time and energy!



Need an address, a telephone number or an e-mail address? Take a look in the commune's address book!


An effective site: find the information you're looking for quickly

Quick ways to find information:

  1. a search engine,
  2. alphabetical indices,
  3. Sarah, your virtual guide,
  4. a site map,
  5. links selected for you,
  6. Diary and News sections so you can take a look at past and forthcoming events and the commune's news.




A simple, high-performance search engine

A fast, accurate search system: type one or more words, start your search using the 'Search' button, and choose the result that best suits your requirements.

You can even restrict your search to:

  • the commune's newspaper,
  • the list of administrative procedures,
  • the address book.


A site that can be accessed by everyone

Difficulty in reading the site? Enlarge or reduce the size of characters using the option!


The site is also accessible to the disabled.



If you still have any questions, you can:

visit the Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us.



Last update: 14/11/2011

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