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Sait KÖSE, 6th Local Representative


Tel.: 02/244.71.02

E-mail: Contact



  • Relations with childhood associations
  • Granting of allowances (childhood and infancy)
  • Activities and festivals for children (St Nicolas, Easter egg hunts, Halloween lanterns, concerts in the Josaphat park, excursions)


  • Relations with young peoples' associations, youth organisations, etc.
  • Granting of allowances to young peoples' associations, material help
  • Sporting and recreational training placements during the school holidays


  • Management of sporting equipment (halls and fields)
  • Land use agenda
  • Constant maintenance of sports fields, surveillance of premises at sporting events
  • Regulations on the use of sporting equipment
  • Relations with sports clubs and federations
  • Granting of allowances to sporting circles
  • Relations with the Schaerbeekois Sport and Neptunium NPOs
  • Renovation of sports fields
  • Local social and sporting facilities
  • Sporting Merit prize.
  • Allocation of sports cheques

Last update: 30/01/2014

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